Attorney Grievance

Your Response to Complaints Can Make or Break Your Career

A Request for Investigation from the Michigan Attorney Grievance Commission puts your license to practice in jeopardy. How you respond can make the difference between a major upset and minor inconvenience for you. 

You only get one chance to make your case; once your defense is filed it cannot be retracted. Make sure you get it right from the start with the counsel of Brian D. Vincent.  He’s the lawyer other lawyers hire when they need help. 

Brian served six years with the Michigan Attorney Grievance Commission, including three as the Commission’s Chairperson. He’s the attorney grievance lawyer who knows how to build a winning defense for you. 


Letters of Opinion Help Avoid Future Problems

Today’s legal firms find innovative ways to build business, arrangements unheard of a few years ago. The Michigan State Bar Rules of Professional Conduct aren’t always clear about what’s permitted and what is unethical. During his six years of service on the Michigan Attorney Grievance Commission, Brian D. Vincent learned which deals got lawyers into trouble and which ones gained approval. Through review of thousands of cases he gained understanding of how the Commission’s procedures work, and how they apply to the way you do business and with whom. Hundreds of attorneys and law firms have turned to Brian for a Letter of Opinion, knowing his advice will help avoid future problems. Before you sign the papers for your next innovative business deal, get experienced counsel that will protect your interests.

Training Protects You from Misconduct

Failure of partners and staff to adhere to Michigan State Bar of Rules of Professional Conduct can do more than sully your reputation – it could end your practice. 

A proactive approach helps avoid infractions and mitigate the consequences if they do happen. Lawyers and groups of partners frequently face significant discipline, including suspension, or worse, because of something their staff had or had not done

Staff ethics training and one-to-one coaching benefits you three ways:

  • Shows you and your staff how to avoid misconduct. 
  • Helps prevent complaints and grievances.
  • Reduces sanctions if a staff member commits an infraction.

Brian D. Vincent provides custom training programs for law firms based on his experiences of serving on the Michigan Attorney Grievance Commission and running his own law practice for over thirty years. His programs show your staff how to comply with professional rules of conduct and enhance internal procedures to avoid costly problems.

Personal Mentoring

Brian's You-Turn Mentoring program is a set of diverse and individualized mentoring programs where you can discover the internal and intellectual roadblocks hold you back from achieving at your highest level. He works lawyers to identify strengths and weaknesses and ultimately become the impactful professional you want to be. Find out more at