Winning Your Lawsuit is Our Only Pursuit

Whichever side of a lawsuit you’re on, you need to understand one thing: timeliness is key. If you’re filing a suit, the clock is ticking because of the statute of limitations. Your health, home, livelihood, and business could all be at stake. You need to take immediate action.


You’re Filing a Lawsuit

In most situations, a statute of limitations applies. The window for filing a suit varies from one to six years, and the laws change from time to time. For example, the current limit for breaking a contract is six years, personal injury is three years, and slander is one year. The sooner you act, the more time your attorney has to build a strong case for you.

When you talk to civil litigation attorney Brian Vincent, the first thing he'll determine is do you have a valid lawsuit?  Each situation is unique and needs to be explored starting with three key questions:

  • Were you wronged?
  • Were there damages?
  • Can you collect?

The answers aren’t always clear;  Brian can advise you about the best course of action. For legal counsel about filing a lawsuit, call 616-608-4440 or contact us online today.


Someone Filed A Lawsuit Against You

When you receive notice that you’ve been named in a lawsuit, seek legal counsel immediately. This is so important, we’ll say it again:  If a suit is filed against you, you need the counsel of trusted attorney right away to build your defense. The sooner the better! 

Seeking counsel at the first notice of a lawsuit keeps more options open for you, including:

  • More time for discovery.
  • Opportunities for settlement.
  • Filing a countersuit.

For legal counsel about defending yourself against a lawsuit, call 616-608-4440 or contact us online today.


Tips for Anyone Involved in a Lawsuit

When you’re in a situation that requires civil litigation, heed this warning: Loose lips sink ships! Don’t talk to anyone but your attorney about your case. Really! It’s natural to want to tell others about what has happened to you. However, when you’re involved in a lawsuit, even casual conversation can hurt your case.